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Abbey College Cambridge - A Top 10 Sixth Form College 2018


Cardiff Sixth Form College - The Top Sixth Form College 2018


CATS Canterbury - A Top 10 Sixth Form College 2018


Concord College - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018


D'Overbroeck's - A Top 25 Co-educational Boarding School 2018


Hurtwood House - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018


Oxford International College - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018

What is a private "sixth-form" college?

Welcome to dedicated to those looking for an independent (private) tutorial college for sixth form study. These colleges offer specialised tuition to the 14-19 age range in a very broad group of subjects. This website offers advice on a range of topics to do with sixth form education, such as choosing your sixth form college, searching for colleges in a certain area, finding out what exam results colleges have achieved and the subjects offered for study. We also cover personal tuition for those who prefer to be tutored on a one to one basis at home.

In the UK “sixth form” refers to the final years of senior (secondary) education during which students prepare for university entrance. A range of subjects are studied at an advanced level, generally over two years. These two years are also known as Year 12 and Year 13, or "Lower 6th" and "Upper 6th". Students normally enter Year 12 in the September after their 16th birthday and complete their course of study at the age of 18. However, private 6th form colleges generally have flexible admissions policies and offer a wide range of course options for students from 14-19, and in some cases for mature students.

What is the difference between a school sixth-form and a sixth-form college?

This website concentrates on private sixth form colleges rather than sixth form centres within independent senior schools. In a private 6th form college students are usually age 16 or over, although a few accept students from 14 to study GCSE courses. Most colleges – particular those that offer boarding - organise a range of sporting and extra-curricular activities for students, but facilities for these tend to be more limited than at a traditional boarding school, and are often off site. The emphasis is far more on academic studies with the main aim being to ensure students achieve as highly as possible in public examinations.

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Most sixth form colleges offer not just A level tuition, but also one and two year GCSE courses, A Level resit courses, English IELTS courses and Foundation Programmes. They provide a realistic alternative to public schools and the state sixth-form colleges and they tailor study programmes to the needs of each student. Students are taught in small classes where they are sure to get individual attention.

Accommodation and Boarding

Private sixth-form colleges are chiefly concentrated in cities such as London, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham, and the majority of them are in southern England. Most offer day or boarding places, although their accommodation is often off site or sometimes arranged with local host families.

In addition there are one or two independent schools, such as Hurtwood House, that cater for the 16+ age group and offer all the facilities that one would find in a private boarding school.

You can download an eGuide which tells you everything you need to know about selecting a private sixth form college and you can use our search facility to find which colleges are nearest to the town in which you want to study. Many parents are confused by the choice or simply do not know which subjects are the right choice for sixth form study. Why not take advantage of our FREE BESPOKE ADVICE SERVICE. Just phone +44 (0) 1622 813870 or complete  our  Enquiry Form. We will get back to you straight away.

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