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Hurtwood House - a top co-ed boarding school


Cardiff Sixth Form College - Top Independent School and Top 6th Form College


Hurtwood House

  • Outstanding teaching that combines the best
    of traditional methods alongside state of the art
    educational practices
  • Clear and challenging objectives in every lesson
  • A dedicated personal tutor for every student
  • Academic profiling using Durham University’s
    ALIS/YELLIS performance predictors
  • Cognitive skills training to complement
    academic knowledge
  • Unlimited, free, one-to-one support at no additional charge

Lansdowne College

An independent sixth form college renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent results

At Lansdowne College we pride ourselves on being one of the best colleges in London. We are renowned for the welcoming, supportive and structured atmosphere provided by our staff for our students. We believe that the students relish and respond to being treated as young adults, thriving on the mixture of expert tuition, hard work and pastoral care they experience and enjoy.

They benefit from an environment that, whilst maintaining academic rigour and discipline, provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With our clear guidelines of conduct based on mutual respect between teachers and students, we find many of the rules found in traditional schools are unnecessary.

Students’ progress is guided and monitored at every step, through one-to-one sessions with a personal tutor, weekly examination practice and a monthly reporting system.

We hope to welcome you to our college and to have the opportunity to help you exceed your expectations.

Educational approach

Our educational approach is defined by our unique learning programme. By taking the time to understand your motivation, interests, aptitude and ability, we deliver a tailored learning plan to help you achieve your personal academic goals.

How does it work?

The concept of our programme is best understood when our teaching methodology is explained. First we profile your ability and map out a programme of learning. The programme takes advantage of areas you are skilled in and areas that will benefit from more focus. We will also identify your own individual learning style, providing you with appropriate learning strategies as we work to enable you to think both critically and creatively. We deliver exceptional academic results using a mix of teaching techniques, such as creative reasoning, mind-mapping and speed-reading, coupled with bi?weekly reviews, assessments and examinations.

Our classes are small and focused, and lessons are discursive and interactive. Teaching is geared towards the needs of individual students and comprehensive notes are provided for all subjects. Students all have regular exam practice and receive full and constructive feedback.

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