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Hurtwood House - a top co-ed boarding school


Cardiff Sixth Form College - Top Independent School and Top 6th Form College


Hurtwood House

  • Fantastic Central London location
  • Wide range of subjects offered at GCSE and A Level
  • Specialist Medical Programme
  • Foundation Programme
  • Academic English courses
  • Wide range of sports and activities
  • Full-board residential accommodation

Chelsea Independent College

Chelsea Independent College is one of the UK's most vibrant sixth form colleges. It has a distinguished reputation, which has led it to grow and develop into what it is today. Drawing on its heritage yet conscious of the changing demands of the present and future, the College strives to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, and to foster a secure sense of individuality. This is achieved within a framework of sensible discipline based on sound moral and ethical values. The College benefits from modern, well-resourced buildings in the heart of London. It has developed an enviable reputation of excellent teaching in a supportive, caring environment. Many of the staff are graduates of Oxford, Cambridge and colleges of the University of London and are chosen for their ability to relate to young people.

The College curriculum encompasses traditional GCSE and A-levels, in addition to a number of courses aimed specifically at international students, with every effort being made to teach according to students' abilities, and to stretch the ablest well beyond the demands of the syllabus.

The academic life of College is monitored by the Principal, in conjunction with his senior staff and by the Heads of each Department.

The relationship between staff and students is relaxed and based upon mutual trust and respect. Our students are usually ready questioners, easy to talk to, unselfconscious with strangers or adults, and on good terms with staff.

Students' academic progress is closely monitored by the College's Director of Studies and by students' Personal Tutors. As such students will always have an initial point of contact in the event of any academic or personal queries.

The College strives to provide parents and guardians with up-to-date progress reports on their son or daughter's academic performance, and we always welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting with the Principal to discuss this. We hold regular parents' evenings to also allow staff to give direct feedback to parents on how their son or daughter is progressing.

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Oxford Tutorial College
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