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Abbey College Cambridge - A Top 10 Sixth Form College 2018


Cardiff Sixth Form College - The Top Sixth Form College 2018


CATS Canterbury - A Top 10 Sixth Form College 2018


Concord College - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018


D'Overbroeck's - A Top 25 Co-educational Boarding School 2018


Hurtwood House - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018


Oxford International College - A Top 5 Sixth Form College 2018

Expert Advice

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Our bespoke advisory service on private school choice is carried out by one of our eight very experienced consultants. We pride ourselves on impartial advice to find schools which best suit your child. This allows us to consider any of the 2000+ UK private schools, whereas many international education agents use a panel of less than 25 schools which pay them financial incentives.

Most consultations start with a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes to discuss your requirements and outline the placement process. This then moves on to our comprehensive placement service, in which phase we will give you specific school recommendations. In some cases this may be free of charge for a limited range of boarding schools or private sixth form colleges. In others there may be a consultancy fee. By submitting an Enquiry (click here) or phoning us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 you do not incur any fees, but it enables us to assess your case and move forward to the free initial consultation phase at which point we will supply you with written terms and conditions and our basis for completion of your assignment.

A bespoke assignment contains inter alia

• The initial recommendation might start with up to 20 schools. By a process of elimination, this will be reduced to your short list which could be anywhere from 3 to 8 schools.

• We take into account any special interests and gender or religious preferences.

• We will discuss all the curriculum options to establish which is best suited to your child

• Next stage is typically for you to visit schools and refine your targets before registering for admission.

• We can arrange appointments with schools and advise on travel arrangements.

• We will give you our eGuide to choosing schools and this contains a 30 point questionnaire for your visits

Consultations take place by phone, email or Skype – so please ensure you have provided accurate contact details. You are welcome to visit our offices in Kent and Surrey.

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